Tara Fuki,
(Indies, 2003)

Kapka (Drop) is the second release from Tara Fuki. For this CD, the duo of Andrea Konstankiewicz-Nacir and Dorota Barova were joined by Mario Buzzi, who arranged the sampler, and his work fits in smoothly. Both Konstankiewicz-Nacir and Barova sing and play the violon-cello on the CD. Their vocals are smooth, and the play between voice and instrument is a treat. They sing in both Czech and French, but unfortunately, neither lyrics nor translations were provided with the CD.

Once "Cichy Placz" starts building and adding layer upon layer, the music quickly becomes overwhelming. The music dies suddenly, leading into the scat intro of "Kapka," where the sampler brings in the two violoncellos, with music and scat interweaving. There is a sudden melodic switch in "Poust" (Desert), but it is tied back to and transforms the starting point. "Modlitba" (Prayer) is peaceful, and you can feel the prayer in the lyrics.

The music in "Daj Mi Znac" (Give Me a Sing) is quick and light, lifting the lyrics up. The feel of the song makes me suspect "Give Me a Song" would be a better translation. The instrumental bridge in "Senna" plays off of the vocal melodies it ties together. Spoken lyrics go over sung in the early parts of "Oci/Les Yeux" (Eyes); then the music takes off for the second song of the medley. "V Dymu" (In the Fume) starts off a cappella, and the vocals dominate the song. "Okamzik" (Moment) changes midway through from a powerful instrumental to a jazzy song. The mood carries over into the start of "Na Lace," as the energy levels and intensity of the music fluctuate throughout the song.

The sound on Kapka is very full, and at times the layers can almost overwhelm the listener. Tara Fuki have blended old with new on this CD, and the different parts fit well together.

- Rambles
written by Paul de Bruijn
published 2 July 2005

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