C.J. Taylor,
The Secret of the White Buffalo: An Oglala Legend
(Tundra, 1993)

The Secret of the White Buffalo is one of my favorites of all the Native American legends. This one tells how the sacred White Buffalo Woman brought the peace pipe to the Oglala Sioux. It is a fine retelling of this legend in a way that children can easily understand.

The Sioux had forgotten how to respect those around them and work together and had become selfish, lazy and prone to constant bickering. When a mysterious woman appeared to the hunters, she ordered them to stop fighting and work together to build her a great tipi in the center of their village.

When the tipi was completed, the woman brought the chief a sacred peace pipe and explained that they were to spread the word of peace throughout the land.

The final page provides information about the Sioux, their region and lifestyle, and specifically the peace pipe. It is quite an interesting piece.

Taylor's artwork is breathtaking. The brightly colored oil paintings are certain to entrance almost any child.

The Secret of the White Buffalo is a high-quality hardback that will provide countless hours of joy for your child. It is a fascinating story told by one of the best children's storytellers in the industry. It carries a strong message for peace that we all should heed. Every child should hear this story.

review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

31 January 2009

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