Edrick Thay,
Premonitions & Psychic Warnings:
Real Stories of Haunting Predictions

(Ghost House, 2005)

There are those who pooh-pooh the very idea of psychic abilities, while others hang on every utterance of purported psychics. Supermarket tabloids constantly foretell the end of the world -- and just as constantly have to revise the date.

The five chapters of Premonitions & Psychic Warnings present 38 accounts of people of all ages who report psychic experiences, either their own direct premonitions or those received via a psychic. Stories include that of the young boy who dreamed of his cousin's death, the young girl who dreamed that her grandfather "fell asleep" at dinner, and the teenager who, while doodling in math class, drew a picture of a car crashing through the school wall, only to have it happen minutes afterward. Also recounted are stories of those who have consulted psychics and the results of those consultations.

The accounts presented are generally quite short -- no longer than four or five pages. Some of the language is a bit sensational, but the book makes no effort to convert non-believers, leaving that choice up to the reader.

by Laurie Thayer
8 April 2006

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