Think of One,
(Crammed Discs, 2006)

Here is an album to hear with an open mind. Unless you have command of a language other than English, you have little choice; the title is the only word here I understand. (That is a criticism of the reviewer, not the band.)

Ironically, not having any background to base preferences on means you put the disc on and sit back to enjoy the rhythms and cadences of the music without being encumbered by lyrics. There is a wonderful liberation in this that allows you to feel as if you are taking part in a sort of Mardi Gras as the upbeat sounds sweep you along.

Based on the cover picture and the full sounds on offer I imagine this as a rather large band with a real flair for the music they play. Hailing from a Flemish-speaking portion of Belgium, they sought many of their inspirations for this album in Brazil.

I can imagine them bringing the best out in a festival crowd and transporting the listeners to warm and sunny lands of the mind.

by Nicky Rossiter
6 January 2007

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