Sue Patton Thoele,
The Mindful Woman:
Gentle practices for restoring calm, finding balance & opening your heart

(New Harbinger, 2008)

Sue Patton Thoele, a psychotherapist, is the author of 10 books. The Mindful Woman, subtitled "Gentle practices for restoring calm, finding balance & opening your heart," is a spiritual guide for women who need to find balance in their lives.

The book is divided into 10 chapters that are easy to read and understand and, moreover, practice. The book consists of three parts that include some theory and a lot of practical tips that can help a woman achieve her aims.

Reading this guide straight from page one to the very end will certainly educate readers who wish to have an overall taste of the contents of the book, but taking one step/chapter at a time is the wiser course, as every single chapter requires some practice to get full benefits of Thoele's message. Reading this book is like talking to a personal psychologist, as it is direct and simple for every woman to follow. Any woman can use it regardless of her faith or religion, and it can certainly be valuable in a variety of cases. For example, anger or fear can cause real trouble, but the author shows readers how to face it and react promptly. It caters to all women on this planet, and I would say that it is a mini-bible every woman should have and consult.

review by
Liana Metal

21 June 2008

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