Bruce Coughlin
& Tiller's Folly,
Buchan Bluegrass
(Acoustic Roots, 2005)

Buchan Bluegrass, by the Vancouver, British Columbia, band Tiller's Folly, is the band's fifth album. For this recording, the quartet has chosen to focus on the music of Scotland and its relationship to the North American bluegrass tradition.

The roots run deep, and this album of 10 traditional and contemporary songs certainly proves to any doubters out there that Scotland has much more to offer than haggis, bagpipes and the game of golf. The album showcases Scotland's fine tradition of music, which has been passed down through the ages and has evolved along the way. And lead singer Bruce Coughlin is a true bard, a collector of songs, and his efforts are well rewarded on this album.

Although Vancouver is far from the center of Celtic music, Tiller's Folly demonstrates that they have mastered the fine art of the Celtic music world. But Buchan Bluegrass is an album that isn't just for Celtic music fans; bluegrass enthusiasts will also enjoy what Tiller's Folly has to offer.

by Sherrill Fulghum
12 August 2006

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