Tomb Raider #1: Saga of the Medusa Mask
by Dan Jurgens, Andy Park (Top Cow, 2001)

Indiana Jones totally rocks. Lara Croft is a pale imitation who uses pistols instead of a whip and, instead of a trademark fedora, has really large boobs.

A video-game heroine first, Lara Croft became immensely popular among home gamers (see the last three words of the paragraph above). Before making a lucrative leap to the big screen, she first broadened her horizons as a comic-book star. The other day, I found myself curious to see how good they really were.

Not bad.

The art by Andy Park is immensely good. The story by Dan Jurgens isn't bad -- my only complaint is the sudden and dramatic twist at the end that builds on too many cliches and really doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Otherwise, Saga of the Medusa Mask is a pretty solid adventure yarn that pops from the page with kinetic excitement. If you're mourning the fact that Angelina Jolie seems more interested these days in populating her own nation rather than reprising this popular role, then dig these out at your local comic store and enjoy the action. Lara is no Indiana Jones ... but she does have really large boobs.

review by
Tom Knapp

17 January 2009

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