The Uninvited
directed by Charles & Thomas Guard
(Dreamworks, 2009)

Some thoughts on The Uninvited, a new film directed by brothers Charles and Thomas Guard:

• This movie uses the same plot twist as 1972's The Other, penned by actor-turned-author Tom Tryon. The Other is a better movie. I'd recommend you see it, but if you're reading this now you'll know the twist. Still, a very creepy movie. Interestingly, both flicks center on good-evil siblings and both are directed by brothers.

• Excellent performances by the four principals in The Uninvited. Each of them is required to act under two sets of premises, what seems to be going on and what's really going on.

• Elizabeth Banks is great as Rachel. She has just enough of a sinister edge to keep you guessing (but with everything pointing to her as a killer there had to be another explanation). Still, I never figured the truth about Alex until the big reveal at the end.

• Arielle Kebbel (as Alex) bears an uncanny resemblance to Sally Field. Very expressive face.

• I would like to have seen an explanation of what happened at The Point.

• How did I know to rent this movie knowing nothing about it? David Strathairn (as Steven) does not appear in crap.

• The final two shots: Mildred (Heather Doerksen) closing her door, and then the look on Anna's (Emily Browning's) face. Perfect.

• The film comes very close to cheating a couple of times, especially the scene where the father is sitting at a desk and Alex stands in the doorway berating him. I watched it a second time and this scene really stood out that way.

review by
Dave Sturm

29 August 2009

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