various artists,
EverSound Expressions, Vol. 2
(EverSound, 2001)

This is a compilation CD of some of the best in world and new age music. Like the best-known exponent of the genre, Enya, there may not be a hit single in this collection but it is certainly one for the album collection. Over 14 tracks you can hear some top-class music played on instruments from pennywhistle (you won't get one of them at that price) to cello, guitar and oboe. The tracks include instrumental, vocal and some unique combinations of both.

"Capture the Day" is a Stuart Hoffman piece with some delightful vocals by Tara Liz O'Driscoll sung in Gaelic that give a lovely ambience to the track. There is a much more jazzy and Latin feel to Manuel Iman's "Awakened." "The Other Shore" opens with a piano and builds very well. Again the use of the female voice adds greatly to the track. This time Daya Rawat provides the voice. The electronic enhancement of layering the voice works very well.

Cara Tower sings "As We Are" from her excellently titled CD Living on Bread & Circus. She has a beautiful seductive voice that makes you listen to every word of her lyrics. Lush cello strings open up "Dancer in the Light" from Ron Clearfield and then gives way to harp. The sound picture is very effective if one allows the imagination to soar and let the music take over. "Every Step" by Kim O'Leary is my favourite track on the CD. It is a straight vocal rendition of her own composition with standard backing.

This is an excellent promotion piece for the artists included. It gives a great showcase for their work and for the casual listener it is a very good chance to have a sampling of new age and world music in the collection, just in case you are not a major fan.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 26 July 2003

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