various artists,
Tribal Meetings: Native American
& Andean Flute Music

(Condor, 1997)

Tribal Meetings is an impressive collection of North and South American native flute music. There are 11 selections performed by five groups. These pieces are all multi-layered with extreme depth, most with contrasting melodies. You will hear all your favorite techniques with a few new ones to surprise you.

"Pan Flute" by Tarahumara demonstrates the beauty of the pan flute's ability to produce multiple notes simultaneously. This is an excellent tune! "Summoning Winds" by Native Flute Ensemble has the older traditional North American native drum backbeat and flute melody supported heavily with synthesizer and a variety of sound effects. "El Condor Pasa" by Wyra Punko is the "stereotypical" South American tune, with heavy strings and only an occasional drum solo, but ending with a grand drum roll and contemporary accompaniment.

"Council of the Flocks" by Mesa Music Consort has flute "bird effects" that will blow you away. You must hear this! It is worth the price of the CD to have a copy of this amazing composition! "Spirit of the Geese," also by Mesa Music Consort, is a haunting piece that echoes deep within your soul. This is an ideal selection for journeying, especially on the wings of a goose. Hit the "repeat" button and spend some time meditating with this one.

"Riding With Thunder" by Native Flute Ensemble brings us the traditional flute and drum with the thunderstorm. The ending is a real surprise. This is a must-have piece. "Santa Monica" by Wyra Punko has the most interesting quena flute composition on this CD. The nature sounds at the end are a marvelous way to wrap this one up, since it has a serene tone.

Be sure to read the inside of the cover. It provides a brief overview of the history of the flute in the Americas and tells about the different types of flutes used on the CD.

Buy Tribal Meetings for "Council of the Flocks" and you will swear you got the rest for free! This is an outstanding CD with arrangements to suit every taste, regardless of whether you like traditional or contemporary or have a favorite special effect. This collection delivers the goods. It is a must-have for Native American buffs.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 13 September 2003

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