various artists,
World Serenade
(North Star, 2000)

After being thrilled by North Star's production of Steve Schuch & The Night Heron Consort on The Shores of Lillisand, this latest release, World Serenade, from their "global groove/festive instrumental melodies" series sustained my delight with this recording label.

Featuring world artists like Calido, Dennis Hysom, Emilio Kauderer, Robby Longley and Steven Schuch & the Night Heron Consort, North Star offers a musical buffet of world flavours. Here, the listener samples Argentina-born Calido's "Tropica Breezes," Longley's classical/flamenco technique in "Danza Mora," the natural wonder the prairie in Hysom's "Prairie," Kauderer's "Primal Colors" and Celtic-contemporary with Schuch and the consort's "The Shores of Lillisand."

Although sometimes ethnic songs of this nature can be too "spicy" for one's tastes, these appetizers will appeal to a broad range of listeners. These Latino and Celtic flavours are extremely tasty morsels, and will inspire hunger for a bigger portion of the same. Immediately upon the last bite, I went to North Star's website to see how I can get a main course of this delicious, ethnic fare.

[ by Lynne Remick ]