Andrew Vasquez,
(Makoche, 2004)

Native American flute has become a subgenre all its own. Each CD faces a problem, though. This wooden flute is a limited instrument, with no keys and only six or so holes. A decision has to be made whether to include other instruments, adding variety but perhaps detracting from the traditional style.

Togo, by Andrew Vasquez, takes the middle way. The 11 tracks vary, from solo flute to those that add electric accompaniment.

The title track includes keyboards with flute, as well as electric bass and percussion. Some listeners may find it a bit too new agey. In most cases, however, Vasquez is accompanied by subtle percussion and a few sound effects.

Although all the original songs seem written with recording in mind, they have an authentic feel. In most cases the added instruments are quite subtle. The sound of Vasquez's flute may have been enhanced in the recording process, but no effects have changed its basic sound.

For listeners who like the soothing music of Native American flute, this CD is a good choice.

by Dave Howell
11 November 2006

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