Pierre-Henri Verlhac,
Grace Kelly: A Life in Pictures
(Pavilion, 2007)

I have to admit I was a bit disappointed in the size of this addition to the Life in Pictures series (my own fault for not reading the dimensions before buying). The other Life in Pictures books I have purchased have been large, oversized productions that bring to life the lives of their subjects by way of extravagantly sized photos with captions in a comfortable font. The print in this book is literally 1/16th of an inch tall. Also, it is very oddly arranged. The photos skip around Grace Kelly's life in a haphazard manner. The arrangement made no sense to me, and I would have preferred a chronological order.

That said, the scope of the photos is expansive in its inclusion of many private photos of the princess and her family, as well as gorgeous portraits, unposed snapshots and film stills. As a result of this book, I feel as though I know Princess Grace more intimately than ever before. The biographical section at the beginning of the book is a good overview of many of the important events of her life, and there are many quotes included, both by Princess Grace and about her. But the main story here is the pictures, which encompass so many of the moments, both private and public, of her life.

Overall, this comprehensive collection is a wonderful look at the life of Princess Grace. Although it is a bit small in size for a book primarily telling a story through pictures, I believe most will be satisfied with the scope of the photos included.

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

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