Ain't No Joke
(Gadfly, 1999)

Americana Twangsters is not something one thinks of when pondering upon the musical styles of America. People think: rock 'n' roll, pop, country, alternative. Certainly, not American Twangsters.

Well, here's a big surprise: American Twangsters is a pretty good funky type of music to listen to when you want to have a bit of fun. It's something completely different from the pop music, sappy love songs and trendy/fab music. And, in the heart of this musical trend is the Volebeats.

At first, I was a bit hesitant. After all, I'm not exactly a fan of country music, and the twang of the music set me off. But, I gave it a go-ahead anyway. After all, can't be exposed to new music if you aren't willing to listen to new music.

And so, I listened. And listened, and listened.

And, after a while, it began to grow on me. The first few songs, "And You Know It" and "Til the House Burns Down," are a bit too twangy for my taste, but "Magic Touch" incorporates more of the softer country, which I actually enjoyed. "Tequila Y Bunelos" is a good song that needs no lyrics, and whose strong suit is that the music stands alone.

The songs don't fall on the sappy side of trendy music, nor do they border on the "my dog ran away, my wife left me, and I'm unhappy" lyrics that are so common in country. The themes vary from milder love versions to smoking to being alone.

The Volebeats incorporate the twang of country, some of the elements of rock and some actual ballad/storytelling styles reminiscent of Celtic songs. Throw in their own little bit of pizzazz, and you get Americana Twangsters.

For those who don't like country or twang, stay away. But for those who want a bit of enjoyment in their music, try the Volebeats.

[ by Jade Falcon ]

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