Dan Walsh,
Diesel & Smokes
(Busted Flat, 2006)

This album is a tour-de-force showcase of the undoubted talent of Dan Walsh on a multitude of instruments, and not just those with strings.

Opening on "Geary Street," Walsh dazzles us with guitars, Dobro, piano, organ, bass and drums -- thank God for studio techniques allowing that combination from a single pair of talented hands. On "Swingin' Johnson," he takes on all the playing himself and will have you swinging and swaying in time. "Ryan's Song" is in a slower vein.

My favourite track is the very country-sounding "Taxi to Huntsville" and, believe it or not, he confines himself to Dobro on this. The album closes with "Lonely Road," and it is a long road stretching to almost 10 minutes.

A CD of instrumental music is not everyone's favorite purchase, but you could make an exception in this case and be delighted by Walsh on Diesel & Smokes.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

22 March 2008

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