Chris Wangler,
Famous People of the Paranormal
(Ghost House, 2005)

Famous People of the Paranormal deals with the many people who have had a bizarre fascination in society because of their experiences in "untouchable" subjects such as astral travel, reincarnation, witchcraft and fortune-telling. It covers a fascinating range of celebrities that include psychics, clairvoyants, charlatans and even poets such as William Blake, who derived his inspiration from angels he had observed in a vision.

Even in our scientifically oriented society, there are always people who cross these boundaries into the spiritual world. Most people have a naturally quizzical nature and curiousity when it comes to the unconventional, and this book is one that can satisfy that curiousity. With celebrities like Uri Geller still bending spoons in the 21st century and kids today watching programs on television like Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there will always be an obsession with the surreal.

I always found it strange that people who have a "gift" are often ignored or mocked. It seems Jeanne Dixon predicted the assassination of John F. Kennedy many years before the horrific day Oswald shot him dead; she even warned him not to travel, but was ignored. Perhaps we should pay closer attention to these warnings.

This is an interesting, fun read and just might satisfy any curious fixation you might have with the unknown. If you take it for what it is -- a book that gives you specific examples of visionary individuals and their backgrounds -- you might enjoy Famous People of the Paranormal.

by Risa Duff
14 October 2006

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