Vicki Ward,
Life's Spices from Seasoned Sistahs:
A collection of life stories
from mature women of color

(Nubian Images, 2005)

Vicki Ward, the editor of this anthology of women of color, is also the publisher of this exciting book. Life's Spices from Seasoned Sistahs is divided into eight themes, each one comprising a number of stories all written by mature women of color. In the foreword of the book, Gail P.Mason tells the readers why this anthology is "a wonderful step in the direction of sister bonding; an antidote for solitary thinking."

The two first themes deal with sistahs' joys and life's pain. Sandy Kay's story on menopause is both interesting and hilarious, while Carole McDonnell's story on racism will give readers food for thought. The next themed sections deal with love and other feelings. There, at the rebirth of a woman, one cannot help feeling the poet's passion, despair and ultimate liberation at the end of the poem. Self-esteem and surviving are two more themes included that will attract the interest of the readers. "Breaking the Silence" is a story about rape that will greatly appeal to the audience and encourage positive thinking.

This book is an exciting combination of prose and poetry that touches the readers' inner chords with the writers' life experiences. The authors share their emotional struggles with the readers via their heartfelt true stories. Most writings are hilarious, other are just overwhelming, but every story is unique. This book is a real page-turner! At the back of the book there are three appendices displaying author biographies, resources for women and online resources for writers.

Life's Spices from Seasoned Sistahs is a good read that is inspirational, enjoyable and touching. It caters to all women regardless of age or color and is an original piece of art that intends to unite women worldwide despite their cultural differences.

by Liana Metal
25 November 2006

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