TerryLee Whetstone,
Good Medicine Book
(Ahwatukee, 2003)

Good Medicine is an audiobook of a different kind. Opening with a wolf howl, then moving through a foreword by Jim Williams read by Teresa Edwards and an artist's statement, this two-CD set quickly moves into deep spiritual teachings.

Whetstone says the purpose of this audiobook is his desire to help others discover their purpose in this world and what they are supposed to do with the time that they've been given. He teaches us that our spirituality is already within us, even though we may be ignoring it. To choose the proper path, or Red Road, in this world, we must turn inward and seek the answers that lie dormant within us.

In the first chapter, Whetstone speaks to the hearts and minds of every mixed-blood Native American in the world with a message that generates self-acceptance. He tells about his past and his struggles along his own spiritual journey. He makes it very plain that he has produced this book for all life in this world, not just Native Americans or humans, and focuses on becoming one with all things.

He gradually moves the listener deeper into the realm of spirituality, beginning with the colors, numbers and directions of his Medicine Wheel and the symbolism of the Native American cultures.

The teachings of the rule of opposites and the need to find balance between them is crucial for all beings. These teachings apply to every human, regardless of race, gender or belief system. This is true of the entire book, from beginning to end.

Whetstone has included three Native American flute songs in the traditional style to help the listener open up to the teachings and absorb them. These are beautiful melodies that reach inside and awaken your soul.

If you do not get anything else from this book, you should absorb and digest the prayer Whetstone gives you. He teaches us how to pray to God, the Father, Grandfather, Creator or whatever name you choose to use. He explains why this is the only effective prayer.

This is a much needed book released during a time when so many people are seeking answers. Whetstone has provided those answers with solid explanations for each. He gives you solid reasons to accept these teachings and leaves no unanswered questions.

There is also a CD of traditional Native American flute music to support these teachings. It is titled the same: Good Medicine. (See the review here at Rambles.)

TerryLee Whetstone is a self-taught, multi-faceted artist. He does it all: music, poetry, writing, artwork and jewelry. He has long specialized in custom wedding rings and his work always reveals something of his inner beliefs and spirituality.

This is one of the most moving spiritual books I have encountered. Regardless of your belief system, it will apply to you and Whetstone's logical explanations are certain to make sense to you. I cannot imagine any person listening to this audiobook and not being moved deeply.

- Rambles
written by Alicia Karen Elkins
published 6 March 2004

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