TerryLee Whetstone,
Kairos: The Past, Present & Future
(independent, 2003)

Kairos is Greek for "now is the time." Kairos: The Past, Present & Future is, according to author TerryLee Whetstone, a literary work "to honor, preserve, exalt, and commemorate the universe through my many gifts given by Grandfather."

Whetstone has combined stories, essays, poetry and a quick introduction to playing the Native American flute into a lovely 62-page chapbook of life-altering teachings.

As you read these pages you feel a peace settling over you and you become much more aware of the world around you. If you take the teachings into your heart and mind, then apply them in your life, you will begin to see a transformation occur.

On the other hand, if you simply seek Native poetry, this chapbook is a wonderful read. You determine its intensity and use within your own life.

I framed a copy of "From Within This Stone," so I suppose I must confess that it is my favorite poem from this collection, but I like them all and I read the entire chapbook often as a way to regain balance when the world gets nutty around me.

Whetstone is a gifted "mixed blood Cherokee Indian" who paints, writes poetry and stories, and plays Native flute. He is the creator of the music CD and accompanying instructional manual, Good Medicine.

This chapbook is illustrated with a picture of Whetstone playing his flute and reproductions of his paintings.

Kairos: Past, Present & Future is a solid value that can serve many purposes. At the very least, it is powerful poetry that speaks to your heart.

book review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

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