Whiskey Dickel,
International Cowgirl

by Mark Ricketts,
Mike Hawthorne
(Image, 2003)


Whiskey Dickel, International Cowgirl is a book like no other I've seen. There are no superheroics, no angst or in-depth character analyses, no major developments or even a plot. It's just a book about a girl with humble beginnings, big aspirations and a way with a lariat that will pop your jaw.

It begins during an interview, when our freckle-faced heroine describes her white-trash origins to a tactless host and a fan-filled audience. With her mama dead at childbirth (or thereabouts), Whiskey was raised by her Mamaw, a former rodeo star. Mamaw raised the girl to revere the Virgin Mary, Lady Luck and, when needed, a pearl-handled revolver -- although a promise to her daddy convinced Whiskey to give up the gun. Mamaw also taught Whiskey how to ride, spit and lasso, and when she died, Mamaw left the young girl with these treasured words: "I got muscle mags and porno under the bed. Be discreet."

It touches you right there, don't it?

Besides the interview and origin story, there's a short rodeo-clown story and a faux script for a Whiskey Dickel animated adventure. A good chunk of the book is devoted to pinup drawings of various multicultural rodeo gals by various artists -- enough to make you wish the book was colored. And, to be honest, I wish there was more Whiskey in the book; it does little more than wet your whistle and whet your appetite for more. With her rodeo skills, fresh good looks and "kiss my hiney" attitude, Whiskey could surely star in a host of cowgal adventures.

Let's hope there's more on the way. And that ain't just whistlin' dixie.

by Tom Knapp
11 November 2006

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