Jason Whitton,
Thriftstore Cowboy
(VAVV, 2006)

Jason Whitton hails from Texas and quotes Garth Brooks' "The Dance" as his inspiration to consider a career in music and songwriting. Whitton admittedly has a more laidback style than his source of inspiration, and it works very well on this selection of primarily self-penned tracks.

He opens with "Alibi," which has a very interesting vocal backing on part of it. One of my personal favourites on offer here is "Fingernail Moon." "Dandelion Girl" is another beautifully written and delivered track, although his enunciation made me wish for a lyric sheet at times.

In keeping with Whitton's general focus on Americana, the track titles on Thriftstore Cowboy feature more than their fair share of names from "Dallas" to "Ruby." One unusual track and title is "Madagascar."

This is a very good collection of work and points to Whitton as a talent to watch in the future and to hear in the present.

by Nicky Rossiter
10 June 2006

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