Steve Wildey,
Along the Way
(independent, 2005)

Steve Wildey is an accomplished guitarist and composer. Ranging over 14 tracks on Along the Way, he displays his undoubted talent for playing. This is a tour de force of the guitar in all its moods.

An all-instrumental offering is difficult to review besides commenting on such quality.

One comment I would make for any performer, no matter how talented, contemplating such an album is to try to include a few familiar tracks. Wildey is a wonderful composer but we all need a bit of the familiar and it is on a track like his medley including "Freight Train" and "Blue Moon" that we can best appreciate his great playing. After all, on an unfamiliar track we cannot know if the playing is perfection or not.

Listeners either love instrumental albums or they don't and I can assure anyone in the first category this is worth tracking down. I was also very impressed by the artwork on the insert.

by Nicky Rossiter
10 March 2007

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