Jim Williams,
One Star
(Silly Notion, 2000)

This review presented problems from the start. There is no track listing on the disc and, although it gives a website for the lyrics, it did not open for me on a number of attempts. This leaves me either to guess at the track name or use numbers. That makes this review sound a bit like ordering from a Chinese menu, but here goes.

My favourite piece on One Star is track 5, which sounds so realistic about a meeting in the sky. Track 13 is a very good song about letting go. Pennsylvania native Jim Williams sings it with genuine feeling and the flute really adds a haunting dimension. The guitar at the very beginning of track 17 arrests the attention immediately, even though it lasts for only a few brief notes. The track itself builds very well from that point. On track 4, Williams gives us a lovely slow start with a dramatic build as the story unfolds.

Despite the handicaps I really enjoyed this CD. Williams is an excellent writer and has the voice to deliver his material. If the listing and lyrics had been included this would be a much better purchase.

Williams has a lot to say and the skill to write it, so it is a shame that potential listeners might be put off by not even knowing that this CD is top value with 21 tracks -- each a great showcase of a major talent.

[ by Nicky Rossiter ]
Rambles: 30 May 2002