Josh Williams,
Lonesome Highway
(Pinecastle, 2004)

Lonesome Highway by Josh Williams is a refreshing mix of traditional bluegrass with a touch of the more contemporary sounds coming out of the younger generation of pickers. Josh's song picks give the listener a sample of what great bluegrass is all about -- good, clean, solid picking and singing.

Williams' guitar playing is very solid in nature on this recording, staying with the melody line but adding just a touch of flare. In the liner notes, Josh shares a piece of advice that was given him by Alan Munde at IBMA one time stating that Munde came up to him and asked Josh's name and then said, "'Can you play every note that you know in one solo?' I told him, 'I don't know, probably not.' Then he said, 'Then why the hell are you trying?'" Williams said that encounter made an impression and had a lot to do with him sticking to the melody and not going over the top with his picking.

All in all, Lonesome Highway is an enjoyable recording from the 23-year-old Josh Williams.

- Rambles
written by Paulette Isaacs
published 30 July 2005

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