Jay Willie Blues Band,
Rumblin' & Slidin'
(ZOHO Roots, 2014)

Rumblin' & Slidin' is an excellent, gritty blues-based album with rock influences.

Still, the blues rule. It reminds me a lot of CCR in the day.

I love the interactions of the vocals and the instruments, as well as the room the musicians have to improvise within a context.

The first three cuts are solid, rocking blues. Both "Bad News" and "Rotten Person" are vindictive but amusing. "It Hurts Me Too" is fabulous, classic blues piece, as is "Hold Me Tight, Talk Dirty." And I love the cover of "For What It's Worth."

If you like Creedence Clearwater Revival, you will like this.

music review by
Amanda Fisher

18 April 2015

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