The Astounding Wolf-Man, Vol. 1
by Robert Kirkman, Jason Howard (Image, 2008)

When Gary Hampton is mauled in the woods, recovers miraculously from his injuries and turns into a hulking, super-strong werewolf, it seems perfectly natural to him to become a superhero. His wife is less than thrilled with the idea, and his daughter doesn't even want to hug her dad any more, but heck, who doesn't want an excuse to use his vast fortune to create a subterranean lair, jazzy car and superhero costume?

But werewolves are, by their nature, supernatural creatures that are hard to control, and despite Gary's best efforts, he doesn't always play nice with others. He befriends the local superteam, the Actioneers, then ends up on their most-wanted list. A werewolf pack with a grudge comes calling. His job, his wealth and his posh home are threatened. And Gary isn't entirely sure he can trust his vampiric mentor.

This new series by Robert Kirkman has a great premise, cool characters and ample room to grow. The story is fun -- and artist Jason Howard's loose-limbed style reflects that, although he could use a little more polish on his final drafts -- but Astounding Wolf-Man doesn't lack for serious turns. The cliffhanger ending will leave you begging for the second volume.

review by
Tom Knapp

29 November 2008

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