Zombie Tales #2: Oblivion
by various writers & artists (Boom!, 2008)

A variety of writers and artists continue to run with the short-zombie-story theme in Zombie Tales #2: Oblivion. What started as a single collected edition in 2007 has grown into a library, of which Oblivion is the second volume.

Did the Boom! team manage to maintain quality? Yes. As always in a collection of this sort, the quality of writing and art varies from story to story, but when the talent you're drawing on includes the likes of Joe R. Lansdale, Steve Niles, Chee and many more -- well, you know you have a pretty good bet of liking something.

An immediate favorite for me was "People Person," a story by Niles and illustrated by Daniel Lafrance, in which a man and his two children battle to survive in a zombie-infested world in which his wife is a predator. Lansdale takes his zombies to a veterans hospital, where the walking wounded battle for supremacy over the walking dead (and the busty nurse, as drawn by Eduardo Barreto, doesn't appear to favor underwear) in "The War at Home." Kim Krizan and Jon Reed team up for "Spring 2061," a story in which zombies have taken over civilization, and humans are little more than breeding stock and fashionable attire.

There's plenty more here, from zombie art to zombie Shakespeare and zombie film critiques. Each tale is short, punchy and as fun as zombies can be.

review by
Tom Knapp

11 July 2009

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