Angel: After the Fall #1
by Joss Whedon, Brian Lynch, Franco Urru (IDW, 2008)

Remember the final episode of Angel, when the title character and his surviving friends were cornered in an alleyway facing hordes of evil minions in a pulse-pounding, no-win situation?

After the Fall picks up where the Angel TV series left off. Series creator Joss Whedon is still at the helm, along with writer Brian Lynch and artist Franco Urru. But surely the book features all new characters, since there's no way more than one or two could have made it out of that alley alive -- right?

Actually, no. And in After the Fall, you'll find pretty much all of your old favorites still in action. If they were in the alley, they're in the book -- although some of their circumstances have changed. And you might even be surprised at one or two characters who show their faces here.

It turns out that Wolfram & Hart, the evil law firm, had more planned for Our Heroes than simply overrunning them with demons and one very mean dragon. All of Los Angeles has been shunted into a Hell dimension, and the city's population is having a tough time dealing with the sudden influx of demonkind. And, as you can imagine, pretty much everyone is fighting with someone, while Angel tries to fix things that, of course, he blames himself for causing.

Urru certainly isn't my favorite artist out there, but the characters are all recognizable from the series (Hallelujah!) and he moves the action along neatly from page to page. Coupled with Whedon's plotting and Lynch's writing, After the Fall is a darkly humorous continuation of the TV series that should please a great many fans.

review by
Tom Knapp

13 September 2008

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