by Doug Murray, Fabiano Neves, Paul Renaud (Dynamite, 2010)

The Greek goddess Athena had awesome glutes.

That's mostly what readers will take away from Athena, the first collected trade paperback on the ongoing Dynamite series by writer Doug Murray.

Beyond that, the story is somewhat lacking.

Because people no longer worship gods, Zeus sends a few of his favorites -- Athena and Ares for sure, perhaps a few others -- to Earth and strips them of their memories so they can pass as human. Why? We don't know. When danger threatens, Zeus -- who is apparently always watching them -- gives them their memories and powers (and ancient Greek outfits?) back, temporarily, so they can kick some butt before returning to passive oblivion. Why? We don't know.

Athena first appears naked and clueless in Athens before moving to New York and becoming a cop ... a job she's apparently quite good at. Then, the story of the Trojan War is recast as a squabble over a woman between gangs, and Athena and Ares are in the thick of it.

The story just never gels. It's sort of like Dynamite's take on Marvel's Thor, only Athena is hotter and wears fewer clothes. Oh, and Thor tries to tell a story, while Athena just walks around with her butt on display while a lame Trojan War remake goes on around her.

I can't see a reason to recommend this one unless you really like cartoon asses.

review by
Tom Knapp

5 February 2011

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