Benny & the Jets Band,
Merry X-mas
(independent, 2004)

This six-song EP is a music Christmas card from Benny & the Jets Band to you. The album is full of sonic frolic as it is a smiling, joking -- dare I say jovial -- season's greets.

The opening mock-live "X-mas Boogie" sets the mood: rocking and hilarious. "X-mas Wish" is a reggae Xmas tune that I wish I had known about years ago when I was substituting on a reggae radio show on Christmas Eve and a caller requested holiday music, but I did not want to break form too much.

The album is full of funny asides and soundbites, like the "brrr" in the background of "...what fun it is to ride/In a one-horse open sleigh..." on "X-mas Bells." The real standout track here, though, is the yuletide genius of "X-mas Dittie." It is, with sax solo, a medley of "Who Do You Love," "Hey, Bo Diddley" as "Hey, Santa Claus," and "Hush Little Baby (The Mockingbird Song)" with its lyrics of buying diamond rings and more.

- Rambles
written by Tom Schulte
published 18 December 2004

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