Amir Beso,
(Kamala, 2005)

"Virtuoso" is a word too often tossed about lightly. But, it would not be out of place in describing this album and the Balkan-born musician whose work it represents.

Amir Beso is, in the best sense of the word, a virtuoso. You don't even have to like the kind of music on his album, Fatamorgana, to admit his virtuosity. It's evident by the precise fingering and fretting that this is a skilled guitarist.

It's also evident there's a recognizable talent at work when a debut album is nominated for the prestigious Independent Music Awards in 2006 in two categories.

Aside from these considerations, Fatamorgana offers a pleasant listening experience. It's an exotic mix -- flamenco, gypsy, Middle Eastern -- but with a modern twist perhaps owing to Beso's early immersion in metal and rock.

My only regret is there are only 10 tracks to this album. From the title track to "Balkan Nights" and the lovely lullaby written for his wife, there's a lot of passion and just plain good listening in those 10 tracks.

by John R. Lindermuth
3 March 2007

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