Boneyard #1
by Richard Moore (NBM, 2002)

When Michael Paris inherits land from his grandfather, he has no idea what to expect. He plans to roll into town, sell the land and vamoose, but when he gets to Raven's Hollow -- a town that, quite literally, lies under a cloud -- he discovers his land is a cemetery, and the townsfolk are eager to buy it so they can raze it and send its population of resident monsters packing.

There's not a lot of logic to the story, but Richard Moore's Boneyard is a light-hearted monster mash-up. The cemetery is home to a skeleton, a werewolf, a Frankenstein, a witch, a raven, a sea creature, a vampire (of the hot female variety) and more, and Paris, although initially weirded out by the whole situation, finds himself sympathetic to their plight. Soon it's beasties vs. the townsfolk, with Michael Paris right in the middle.

Boneyard is a cute, original story with a charming sense of humor. The characters are likable and fun, and I'll be curious to see where they're headed in volume two.

Originally published in 2002 in black and white, this volume was reissued in 2005 in full color. The color gives the story a lot of life and I'm glad to have this version available.

review by
Tom Knapp

3 April 2010

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