Boneyard #4,
directed by Richard Moore (NBM, 2008)

Abbey is just about the cutest vampire ever.

Richard Moore continues the adventures of Abbey, graveyard owner Michael Paris and an array of fun-loving "monsters" in Boneyard #4. And, frankly, I can't get enough of this book. The interactions among characters are charming and fun, particularly the bashful flirtation between Abbey, who's 2,000 years old and should know better, and Michael, who has truly settled into his new lifestyle with flair. Of course, there's still Nessie, a swamp creature with massive mammalian mammaries, who always does her best to woo Michael's attentions away (despite her giant reanimated lug of a husband), but even Nessie gets new depth in this issue.

Interpersonal relationships aside, there's also the supreme horror of a Frankenstein frog ... oh, and a bunch of flesh-eating zombies, too.

And, I'll have to check, but I think we see even more of our two leading ladies than ever before, and that's saying something.

I come across a Boneyard collection only sporadically, and there apparently aren't that many more editions to go -- and most of those that remain, sadly, are in black and white. (I'm not sure if Moore and publisher NBM intends to reissue the entire run in color or not.) Either way, I would love to see Moore produce more of these, and more after that. It's a fun, good-humored, well-drawn and nicely crafted series that doesn't get old.

review by
Tom Knapp

16 April 2011

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