Liz Carlisle,
Five Star Day
(Wildground, 2005)

How many country singers can you name who are graduates of Harvard University?

Liz Carlisle has that distinction and it's only one of many the young singer-songwriter has garnered in a short but stellar career. Carlisle graduated summa cum laude from Harvard in 2006 while her debut CD, Half & Half, was one of five nominees for Best Country Album in the Independent Music Awards and her single "Montana," a feature track on this album, was a finalist in the International Songwriting Competition.

Those testaments to her talent aside, what is really making people sit up and take notice is her warm soprano voice, verve and the insightful lyrics that cross boundaries and speak to a variety of people.

Whether it's recalling what she misses about "Montana," the plaintive "Waiting," the folksy "Little Sadie" or the lovely "Feels Like Home," Carlisle knows how to touch a chord in the listener.

She says the things she learned on the road and from people she met through music enhanced her scholarship while the things she learned at Harvard have made her a better songwriter and person. And, she doesn't hesitate to credit those who have helped her along the way, including her producer and collaborator Russell Wolff, who provides back up on vocals, guitar and bass.

by John R. Lindermuth
16 September 2006

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