(Loose Feet, 2004)

Fans of David DiGiuseppe, rejoice! He's back, working alongside the other fine musicians who make up Footloose. Together, the quartet provides some truly classic dance music in Everdance.

With Barney Pilgrim on the fiddle, DiGiuseppe on his wonderful accordion, Dean Herrington playing clarinet and Pete Campbell providing some very supple piano melodies, the group might have covered any number of styles with flair. Instead, Everdance is limited to waltzes and musettes. It's a decision that allows the players to explore the nuances of the form, rather than adjusting to a new style for each track, and the result is a surprisingly diverse album. After just one listen, I found definite favorites, and felt my ears perk up on the second hearing when I knew that M. Ferrero's "Incompromise" or L. Canoro's "La Napoletana" were about to appear. Each track speaks with its own voice; "The Port Arthur Waltz" shouts in bold accordion notes, the title track offers a dainty piano performance, shy as new love. Individually sweet tunes, compiled they show how much creativity true performers can find in seemingly limited genres.

Though devoted to music some might consider old-fashioned, Everdance is instantly accessible and always charming.

- Rambles
written by Sarah Meador
published 23 July 2005

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