Spider-Man/Gen 13
by Peter David, Stuart Immonen, Joe Rosas (Marvel Comics/WildStorm, 1996)

The kids from Gen 13 mix it up with Spider-Man in yet another company crossover.

This time, it's at a loud rock concert. Peter Parker is supposed to be shooting photos, while the Gen 13 gang is in the audience rocking out. But a masked mercenary attacks and mayhem ensues. Spidey gets concussed and the gang take him home for a little tender care, while Gen 13 leader Caitlin Fairchild gets her clothes shredded to distract the crowd from their sneaky hijinks.

Spidey wakes up in a strange place, gets pummeled by a robotic maid, catches on fire and ends up in the pool with a naked Gen teen before realizing no one is trying to hurt him. Then they join forces, as is required by the Comics Crossover Code.

The weak link in this story is the bad guy. She's a gleeful merc who loves her job, but at the same time she's fighting a court battle to win custody from her jerk ex-husband. Of course, you know the battle royale between costumes is going to end up in the daughter's schoolyard. And guess who gets picked as a hostage by one of the merc trooper grunts? Right.

Crossovers can be a lot of fun. This one feels like it was written just because they thought there should be one.

review by
Tom Knapp

19 January 2008

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