Green Hornet #2: Wearing o' the Green
by Kevin Smith, Jonathan Lau (Dynamite Entertainment, 2011)

Maybe the best part is his attempt to improve the costume.

Britt Reid Jr., the son of the original Green Hornet, assumed his late father's mantle in Sins of the Father. Now, his grudge match with the Black Hornet reaches its climax ... but first, Reid Jr. needs to decide what to wear.

His dad's costume is just too old-school, however, so he tries a wide range of new designs -- most of which simply do not work and are not suitable for crime-fighting. You'll love the one he eventually chooses.

This volume brings to a conclusion the story arc first devised by Kevin Smith as a film. When Seth Rogen's limp offering beat it to the box office, this version seemed destined for the recycling bin until Dynamite Entertainment gave it a home. It is a much better story and would have made a far superior film, but it works just fine as a comic.

The new Green Hornet is still working out the kinks in his superheroing gig with the help of the original Kato, his father's sidekick, and the new Kato, the original's talented daughter. And he's coming along nicely, so that by the end of the book, he's ready for the big confrontation he's been waiting for. The final denouement is, to say the least, unique.

Smith passes on the writing duties for the next volume, but he's built a strong foundation for the new series. I know I'll be back to see how things develop.

review by
Tom Knapp

18 February 2012

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