Tag #2: Cursed
by Michael S. Leib, Chee (Boom!, 2007)

Michael S. Leib takes the concept devised by Keith Giffen in Tag and runs with it in Cursed.

But the story -- which focuses on Ed, a minor character briefly mentioned in Tag -- isn't nearly as interesting as its predecessor. Ed, who was tagged by a zombie and became one himself until he was able to pass it off on the next victim, becomes obsessed with tracking the curse down to its current bearer and ending it once and for all.

But Ed is a bit of a schlub, a sadsack lacking in imagination and esteem, and it's hard to picture him in any sort of heroic, or even moderately active, role. Sure, Leib gives us an endlessly guilt-ridden man who fumbles his way along through the narrative, but I had a hard time believing he got as far as he did. The repetitive voice in his head of his shrewish and long-dead mother just weakened the story even further; it was an unnecessary and distracting device that added zilch to the plot.

Tag managed to stand alone. Tag: Cursed doesn't stand at all.

review by
Tom Knapp

8 November 2008

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