Len Kaminski, writer,
Mark Pajarillo, artist
(DC Comics/Top Cow, 2000)

There have been some very clever crossovers between the various comic book universes. JLA/Witchblade, a collaboration between Top Cow and DC Comics, isn't one of them.

New York City copy Sara Pezzini is badly wounded and on the run in Gotham City. She turns to old pal Barbara Gordon for help, and Oracle sends her to the JLA Watchtower for treatment. But the Witchblade, Sara's mystical, techno-organic weapon, is a fickle ally, first turning Oracle into a giant spiderwoman, then the Huntress into an avenging angel, before settling on Wonder Woman as a total she-bitch. Meanwhile, evil billionaire businessman Kenneth Irons seeks help from evil billionaire businessman Lex Luthor.


[ by Tom Knapp ]
Rambles: 14 December 2001