Kato #2: Living in America
by Andre Parks, Diego Bernard (Dynamite Entertainment, 2011)

Kato, daughter of the original Green Hornet's sidekick, continues her breakaway prequel story in Living in America, the second volume of the series that spun off from Kevin Smith's Green Hornet series for Dynamite Entertainment.

Written by Andre Parks and illustrated by Diego Bernard, the story takes place before 20-year-old Mulan has joined forces with the younger Hornet. She has come to the States to find and punish her mother's killer, but she has a bevy of mobsters and assassins to plow through first.

This chapter focuses in particular on an unexpected fatality in combat. Although the young man who fell to his death was a foe, his fate hits Mulan hard and has far-reaching consequences for her ... especially given the revenge-driven schemes of the legless assassin Ming.

Living in America is a tale of many interwoven plots. Being a prequel, we know the younger Kato makes it through intact, but it's still a tense plot that will keep you turning pages. Bernard's art is strong and lively, a good match to Parks' writing. Well done, all around.

review by
Tom Knapp

10 March 2012

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