John Latartara
& Khristian Weeks,
With for Intoned
(Sachimay, 2002)

Sharing compositional duties, John Latartara and pianist Khristian Weeks realize sparse, minimalist works on With for Intoned.

The five-selection album starts with "Layers of Manipulation." For pianos and tape manipulation, this spacious piece is an introduction to the sole interaction of the duo. After this, "False People" composed by Latartara is an attenuate sequence of elongated notes performed by a string quintet. Each share in the composition of "Interactions." In this piece, Latartara and two other pianists lead a wind instrument ensemble diametric to Weeks' piano-led string ensemble. This is a mix of two concert installations that presents the listener with a bi-directional diptych in a single piece.

Latartara's "Concentric 11" for flute, viola, guitar and Tibetan single bowl focuses on the bowl with the other instruments orbiting it. The closing piece is Weeks' "Visceral Music."

Like the name implies, there is an earthy, direct nature to this piece for electric bass and tape manipulation. Like the initial pieces, this is one of Weeks' representations of music in a continuum. We encounter it, in progress as it were, and then while the musicians cease we feel the sounds themselves go on.

- Rambles
written by Tom Schulte
published 21 June 2003