So Blue
(DTI, 2006)

Are you looking for mellow?

If so, So Blue might be just the ticket for those solitary moments when you want to just chill or listen to some pleasant music while coping with issues or mourning a loss.

I'm not saying it's all sad music. But it is mellow. California mellow, if you know what I mean. LeonVest hails from California. And no, LeonVest isn't a man. It's a band.

LeonVest is a blues-rock-indie band offering intelligent lyrics, pleasant melodies and some excellent guitar. LeonVest is, principally, the wife-and-husband songwriting team of Sandy Leon, vocals and organ, and James Vest, piano and bass.

In recent years, both Sandy and James have been diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses and they confide that throwing themselves into writing and performing music has been their salvation.

On this album they are ably backed by Garth Webber on guitar, and Dave Tweedy and Brent Rampone on drums.

If I had to name a favorite of the eight tracks it would be the rootsy title track. But there's nothing wrong with the moving "If Wishes Were Horses," "City of the Angels" or any of the others. In fact, "It Would Be You" debuted as a single and soared to the FMQB top 10 in record time.

It's good music and worth the listen.

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review by
John R. Lindermuth

20 September 2008

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