Arto Lindsay,
(Righteous Babe, 2002)

With Invoke, Ani DiFranco's Righteous Babe Records continues an association with contemporary Brazilian artist Arto Lindsay that started with Prize, his 1999 debut on the label. Lindsay has been involved in New York noise-rock experimentation since DNA in the '70s, as well as being an accomplished bossa nova artist.

As on Prize, Invoke continues to explore guitar-led fusions of Tropicalia and Brazilian folk-pop. Occasionally subtle ornamentation recalls Lindsay's more eclectic work. Overall, the album is a laid-back tropical groove that recalls beaches, rum punch and love born under the moonlight screened by palm fronds. That is, there is a seductive sensuality that is always invoked by the sly ease to the bossa nova rhythm.

Arto Lindsay's warm weather collage is gentle pop that succeeds in the marriage of the delicate sounds of acoustic Brazilian instruments with effectively introduced programmed beats and synths. The peerless result of this fusion relives on Arto's quarter century of experience and his brilliant, Brian Eno-like approach to making accessible music. (Lindsay worked with Eno in the 1970s.)

- Rambles
written by Tom Schulte
published 20 September 2003

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