The Lone Ranger #3: Scorched Earth
by Brett Matthews, Sergio Cariello (Dynamite, 2009)

This new rendition on the Lone Ranger legend continues to impress, both through powerful storytelling and strong visuals.

Sheriff Loring -- Commissioner Gordon to the Lone Ranger's Batman -- uses a smoky bat-signal to get the masked vigilante's help in bringing a brutal serial killer to justice. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are immediately on the case, although it takes them outside their usual territory -- just in time to help stop a wildfire that threatens a small prairie town.

It's a little bit of Jack the Ripper meets the Old West, and frankly I thought the mystery was resolved a little too quickly. Otherwise, it's a good chapter in the Ranger's ongoing story, with growth in his relationships with both Tonto and Loring.

Of equal note are flashes to both the past and present of villain Butch Cavendish, laid low in the first volume of this series and now rebuilding his strength. When he comes back into the Lone Ranger's line of fire, things are going to get busy. Personally, I can't wait.

Writer Brett Matthews and artist Sergio Cariello are a good team, and they seem to be on this title for the long haul. Good news for fans, good news for Dynamite!

review by
Tom Knapp

8 January 2011

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