The Lone Ranger #2: Lines Not Crossed
by Brett Matthews, Sergio Cariello (Dynamite, 2008)

John Reid, a former Texas Ranger believed to be dead by most parties, is a rich man. The cave he now lives in supplies him with both a base of operations and a seemingly endless supply of silver.

The parallels between this Lone Ranger and the classic Batman storyline are growing. But that hint of unoriginality aside, this new series from Dynamite -- written by Brett Matthews and illustrated by Sergio Cariello -- is not to be missed.

In this volume, Reid continues to define boundaries with his stolid companion Tonto and his brother's comely widow and son, as well as an intriguing new lawman, Sheriff Loring, who could be this Lone Ranger's Jim Gordon. The primary story, however, addresses Reid's concept of justice vs. law.

The Lone Ranger and Tonto interrupt a lynchmob at work. But the question soon rises, did the man they just saved deserve their intervention? That's a poser Reid struggles with for quite some time, and it's a rare pleasure to witness a hero work so thoroughly through a moral gray area.

The story's great, the art is great, and this series has me reaching for the third collection. Let's see if Matthews and Cariello can keep this up -- and stick together.

review by
Tom Knapp

10 July 2010

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