The Ridiculous 6,
directed by Frank Coraci
(Netflix, 2015)

Needing something to watch on a cold, lonely evening, I decided to take the Netflix recommendation to watch The Ridiculous 6, a made-for-Netflix comedy western starring Adam Sandler. Netflix productions are hit and miss -- some, though, have been surprisingly good -- and so is Sandler, who sometimes knocks it out of the park and sometimes dribbles up the baseline, but hey, I had nothing else to do so I gave it a try.

Meh. The movie succeeded in that it was sometimes funny enough to make me laugh. Mostly, though, it hammered me over the head with unsubtle gags and hackneyed tropes. It passed the time, but that's about all I can say for it.

Tommy "White Knife" Stockburn (Sandler) is a white man raised among Native Americans. His long-lost father Frank Stockburn (Nick Nolte) suddenly appears -- needing money, of course, or he'll die at the hands of an angry gang. Stockburn sets out on a mission to get the needed funds, finding along the way five half-brothers he never knew he had: Ramon (Rob Schneider), who loves his burro; Li'l Pete (Taylor Lautner), a happy-go-lucky, bull-necked dimwit; Herm (Jorge Garcia), who has grown up feral and speaking in tongues; Danny (Luke Wilson), a guilt-ridden drunkard who failed to protect Abraham Lincoln from assassination; and Chico (Terry Crews), a saloon pianist who doesn't think people notice he's black. All join Stockburn on his quest.

A bunch of stuff happens, much of it involving crooks Will Patch (Will Forte) and Clem (Steve Zahn), and Stockburn's native fiancee Smoking Fox (Julia Jones), but to be honest the details quickly fade once the credits roll.

Hey, it passed the time. And it kept a bunch of actors off the unemployment line, so there's that to say for it.

review by
Tom Knapp

30 January 2016

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