Hans Zimmer,
King Arthur
(Hollywood, 2004)

The 2004 film version of King Arthur, although not as historically accurate as filmmakers liked to claim, certainly had the look and feel of 5th-century Britain. Hans Zimmer provided the sound and, while it likely would have spooked the early Britons right out of their jerkins and trews, fits the pulse-pounding action of the movie to a T.

While borrowing the lovely voice of Clannad's Moya Brennan for one track on the album, the opener "Tell Me Now (What You See)," the soundtrack relies far more on clarion brass and heavily percussive orchestration, blasting along with each hoof beat and sword stroke. Choral elements add a timeless feel; the score is both martial and primal, striding across the landscape like a legend.

by Tom Knapp
2 December 2006

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