Star Trek: Blood Will Tell
by Scott & David Tipton, David Messina (IDW, 2007)

Perspective makes all the difference.

Sure, we think we have a pretty good idea how things played out when Capt. Kirk of the USS Enterprise tangled with the Klingons during his storied career with the Federation. Whether the issue was control of Organia or tribbles on K-7, Klingon aggression has been a constant thorn in Kirk's side.

But now that the Klingon moon Praxis has been destroyed and the fate of the homeworld hangs in the balance, a Klingon politician ponders those self-same encounters as he wrestles with a touchy issue: Should the Klingon Empire reach out to its erstwhile foes for assistance?

Blood Will Tell looks back at several key encounters between the two great powers. And believe me, things look a little different from the Klingon point of view. The framework of this story is set immediately prior to the start of The Undiscovered Country and flashes back to key events during Kirk's original five-year mission. It's a hoot, let me tell you.

Renewed interest in the Star Trek franchise in recent years has certainly injected some enthusiasm into the original series and cast, too. This book is an example of some of the excellent work being written. IDW, which owns the comic-book rights to the franchise, needs to continue to encourage this kind of outside-the-box thinking. Keep it up!

review by
Tom Knapp

6 November 2010

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