The Sword #1: Fire
by the Luna Brothers (Image, 2008)

The Luna Brothers have another winner in the works with The Sword.

Volume one of this new series from Image, titled Fire, introduces college art student Dara Brighton, a paraplegic, who is sharing a pleasant dinner with her parents and sister when a trio of strangers bursts into the house, calling her father by an unfamiliar name and demanding a stolen sword from him. Not getting what they want, the strangers exhibit strange powers, which they use to torture and kill Dara's family. Only a fluke keeps her alive but, crashing through the floor of her burning house, she finds a hidden -- yes, you guessed it -- sword.

The sword heals her injuries, including restoring the use of her legs, and gives her additional powers that make her more than a match for the three assailants. If only she can find them ... but Dara meets a new friend who might have some of the answers her father concealed from her.

Fire is a brilliant kickoff to the series. Art and writing by Jonathan and Joshua Luna (whose previous work includes Ultra and Girls) are equally strong. Dara is a likable character, and her situation here is unique. The twists and turns as friends and foes alike seek Dara and the sword, as the police chase her and a secret government agency tries to lock her down, as her new friend Justin reveals her father's secrets and Dara discovers just what this centuries-old sword can do -- well, it's a page-turner that, when you finish, will have you looking for volume two.

review by
Tom Knapp

14 November 2009

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