The Sword #2: Water
by the Luna Brothers (Image, 2008)

The second volume of The Sword finds former paraplegic Dara Brighton seeking revenge against the man/god who murdered her sister. The journey takes her and two friends to the Bahamas ... and she even gets to fight pirates along the way.

This story is full of action. Dara, who was healed and gained incredible powers from her father's mysterious sword, is out for blood to avenge her family. But Zakros, who is centuries old and has absolute control over water -- from the tiniest drop of blood to the vast sea -- is no pushover. And even if Dara finds and defeats him, there are two more god-like siblings still out there somewhere, both of whom want her dead.

Much of Water is taken up with Dara's journey and search for Zakros. The rest is a fierce and thrilling duel of powers and will -- and readers will learn just what a creative mind can do with water.

The creativity and style exhibited by Jonathan and Joshua Luna continues to impress. I eagerly await volume three, Earth, which pits Dara against Knossos, the next all-powerful sibling.

review by
Tom Knapp

5 December 2009

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